Teddy & Nova - From Hope & Family

Katie Parker Is By far One of the best breeders I've come across. Sense I can remember from being a little girl and growing up I had always wanted a husky!! One day I went on a search just to see what was out there I looked on Facebook hoping  to find a beautiful loving and sweet husky and I did! I found Jax! Jax was already taken though and that's when I contacted Katie for more information on her huskies and I've never been more relieved! Katie has walked me through every step of the way to guide me and help me and her fur babies. She is such a caring and loving person! She cares so much about her fur babies it melts my heart! I knew she would be the perfect breeder to purchase my siberian huskies from. I was definitely right. Now I have My handsome Teddy! & My precious Nova. 





Marvel - The Cammack Family

This is our girl Marvelous AKA Marvel. She is the joy of Our Lives when she's not chewing on something questionable LOL! I am a customer of Katie's hairstyle business and frequently spoke with her about my husband's dream for owning a husky since she is a husky breeder. Around Christmas of 2016 , I contacted Katie ready to take the plunge. 

Originally Marvel was meant to be my husband's Christmas present, but she quickly made it clear that she was not a one-person dog. She's not even a one-dog dog. She loves everybody and wants to make new friends daily. My husband has always wanted to show Huskies, so a dog from Katie's with such an impeccable background and perfect physical features was our ticket. We still have much more showing we plan to do, but with her beauty and heightened intelligence she has proven herself willing to work with us. Not only did she take training classes seriously, quickly learning the basics and advanced stuff, she keeps on learning new things. 

In October of 2017, Marvel was shown in the Tullahoma dog show and won two separate events. The second one named her Miss Tullahoma Canine which earned her a great deal of infamy as well as a ride in the Tullahoma Christmas parade. We're really proud of our girl and super thankful to Katie for helping us with the harder parts of her early months as we got used to each other. She always had answers and advice. Marvel is a wonderful dog. We highly recommend Skudder's Siberians to anyone looking for an exemplary Siberian Husky.


Jax - Victoria


Katie Parker is one of the best breeders I've ever met. She loves and cares about her fur babies as if they were own children. She gave me one of the biggest blessings in my life Jax. He's been my heart since the first time I ever saw him. He brings me joy when I'm sad and he loves me unconditionally. He is like a child to us and has made our life so much better. I don't know where I'd be without him and I'm so grateful for this blessing that Katie and her baby Snickers gave to me. I would recommend her to everyone because you're not going to find someone who loves her dogs more than she does. She doesn't do it for the money, she does it to give people a type of dog who will steal your hearts and to share the happiness that her dogs give her. And Jax has done just that. He has stole everyone's heart's from the moment they met him. And my heart is missing. He's been missing since Friday January 26th on Jefferson Rd. Smithville tn and he was last seen wearing a camouflage collar and I can't tell you how much I'm hurting since my baby has been gone. We've been attached since I brought him home. I mean he wouldn't eat unless I was there. He wouldn't let me drive without being in my lap and then it became the floor board. And if any of my family or friends rode with me they knew that his spot was there and he wouldn't leave you alone till he got it. It's been awful without him and the worst part is not knowing. So many what ifs play in my mind everyday that he is gone and I just want my baby back home safe and sound. So please if you know anything concerning my Jax please give me a call or text at 6159717925. He's missed very much by his family. And if you want a beautiful loving Siberian husky please get yours from Skudders Siberian Huskies. 


Thank you Katie.



Victoria Bratcher 


Shasta Rae - Amber & Family



After many weeks of searching for the perfect Siberian husky breeder, Google led me to Skudder's Siberians. I was very picky, I didn't want just any breeder, I didn't want just any husky... I found what I was looking for in Katie Parker.  Someone who stands by their word. Someone who loves those puppy's just as much as the new owner does! Someone who takes pride in what she does, making families complete by raising superb Siberians. 

       Katie is very knowledgeable about siberians and also very compassionate. I had a few lows with Shasta, she did what husky's do, prey drive got the best of us.. And Katie was there to listen and offer advice.  

       We brought Shasta Rae home when she was around 9 weeks old with the intent of her being my husbands dog because he has always dreamed of owning a husky... This girl is now my therapy dog with absolutely no training. I've been blessed beyond words with this beautiful girl..  

        If you are looking for the perfect family pet, contact Katie! You will not be disappointed! When my family is prepared I will be getting my second Siberian from her! 


Gunn Family - Jesco

Meet Jesco! We're thrilled to announce that Jesco is the newest member of our family. Our family was missing something for a long time. We desperately wanted to add to our family, but we had to patiently find the perfect fit.







Our other fur baby is picky, but she needed some companionship. It turned out to be a long, frustrating journey. We almost gave up on searching for the perfect fit. There are way too many scam artists out there. We found the owner of Skudder's Siberians. She was true to her word and definitely shows concern and passion for her babies. Katie was also patient with us. Jesco is exactly what our family needed, and we love him so much!  He brings lots of joy to our family. We highly recommend Skudder's Siberians for your husky needs! We had a wonderful experience! We would do it all over again!  Thank you, Katie! 

Wright Family - Koda

Katie offered to pay half of the testing or to take her back and give us another puppy. We decided to keep Koda and work through the murmur to see maybe if it will go away. Either way, we loved her just the way she was! At five months, Koda was cleared of her heart murmur which was great news! Katie diligently checked up on us every three weeks to make sure Koda was doing ok and the status of her Murmur. Katie is a great breeder and we received two wonderful puppies from her. She is always willing to help and gives great advice. I highly recommend her!


Wright Family

This is the 2nd dog we have purchased from Katie Parker. We decided we wanted to get our puppy Kane a friend to play with. Once we found out Dixie and Prince had a liter, we put in a deposit for an all-white husky. We were able to get Koda at 8 weeks, we were so excited. Kane and Koda had some trouble in the beginning getting a long because Kane was so used to being by himself. Over time, they have become best friends. We did run into a problem when we took Koda to her first check-up. We found out she had a level 2 to 3 Heart Murmur. We contacted Katie immediately looking for advice or what the next step was with her. She offered us to bring her back to have her vet look at her and see if he could hear the murmur as well.