Jax - Victoria


Katie Parker is one of the best breeders I've ever met. She loves and cares about her fur babies as if they were own children. She gave me one of the biggest blessings in my life Jax. He's been my heart since the first time I ever saw him. He brings me joy when I'm sad and he loves me unconditionally. He is like a child to us and has made our life so much better. I don't know where I'd be without him and I'm so grateful for this blessing that Katie and her baby Snickers gave to me. I would recommend her to everyone because you're not going to find someone who loves her dogs more than she does. She doesn't do it for the money, she does it to give people a type of dog who will steal your hearts and to share the happiness that her dogs give her. And Jax has done just that. He has stole everyone's heart's from the moment they met him. And my heart is missing. He's been missing since Friday January 26th on Jefferson Rd. Smithville tn and he was last seen wearing a camouflage collar and I can't tell you how much I'm hurting since my baby has been gone. We've been attached since I brought him home. I mean he wouldn't eat unless I was there. He wouldn't let me drive without being in my lap and then it became the floor board. And if any of my family or friends rode with me they knew that his spot was there and he wouldn't leave you alone till he got it. It's been awful without him and the worst part is not knowing. So many what ifs play in my mind everyday that he is gone and I just want my baby back home safe and sound. So please if you know anything concerning my Jax please give me a call or text at 6159717925. He's missed very much by his family. And if you want a beautiful loving Siberian husky please get yours from Skudders Siberian Huskies. 


Thank you Katie.



Victoria Bratcher