Shasta Rae - Amber & Family



After many weeks of searching for the perfect Siberian husky breeder, Google led me to Skudder's Siberians. I was very picky, I didn't want just any breeder, I didn't want just any husky... I found what I was looking for in Katie Parker.  Someone who stands by their word. Someone who loves those puppy's just as much as the new owner does! Someone who takes pride in what she does, making families complete by raising superb Siberians. 

       Katie is very knowledgeable about siberians and also very compassionate. I had a few lows with Shasta, she did what husky's do, prey drive got the best of us.. And Katie was there to listen and offer advice.  

       We brought Shasta Rae home when she was around 9 weeks old with the intent of her being my husbands dog because he has always dreamed of owning a husky... This girl is now my therapy dog with absolutely no training. I've been blessed beyond words with this beautiful girl..  

        If you are looking for the perfect family pet, contact Katie! You will not be disappointed! When my family is prepared I will be getting my second Siberian from her!