Gunn Family - Jesco

Meet Jesco! We're thrilled to announce that Jesco is the newest member of our family. Our family was missing something for a long time. We desperately wanted to add to our family, but we had to patiently find the perfect fit.







Our other fur baby is picky, but she needed some companionship. It turned out to be a long, frustrating journey. We almost gave up on searching for the perfect fit. There are way too many scam artists out there. We found the owner of Skudder's Siberians. She was true to her word and definitely shows concern and passion for her babies. Katie was also patient with us. Jesco is exactly what our family needed, and we love him so much!  He brings lots of joy to our family. We highly recommend Skudder's Siberians for your husky needs! We had a wonderful experience! We would do it all over again!  Thank you, Katie!