Gunn Family - Jesco

Meet Jesco! We're thrilled to announce that Jesco is the newest member of our family. Our family was missing something for a long time. We desperately wanted to add to our family, but we had to patiently find the perfect fit.







Our other fur baby is picky, but she needed some companionship. It turned out to be a long, frustrating journey. We almost gave up on searching for the perfect fit. There are way too many scam artists out there. We found the owner of Skudder's Siberians. She was true to her word and definitely shows concern and passion for her babies. Katie was also patient with us. Jesco is exactly what our family needed, and we love him so much!  He brings lots of joy to our family. We highly recommend Skudder's Siberians for your husky needs! We had a wonderful experience! We would do it all over again!  Thank you, Katie! 

Wright Family - Koda

Katie offered to pay half of the testing or to take her back and give us another puppy. We decided to keep Koda and work through the murmur to see maybe if it will go away. Either way, we loved her just the way she was! At five months, Koda was cleared of her heart murmur which was great news! Katie diligently checked up on us every three weeks to make sure Koda was doing ok and the status of her Murmur. Katie is a great breeder and we received two wonderful puppies from her. She is always willing to help and gives great advice. I highly recommend her!


Wright Family

This is the 2nd dog we have purchased from Katie Parker. We decided we wanted to get our puppy Kane a friend to play with. Once we found out Dixie and Prince had a liter, we put in a deposit for an all-white husky. We were able to get Koda at 8 weeks, we were so excited. Kane and Koda had some trouble in the beginning getting a long because Kane was so used to being by himself. Over time, they have become best friends. We did run into a problem when we took Koda to her first check-up. We found out she had a level 2 to 3 Heart Murmur. We contacted Katie immediately looking for advice or what the next step was with her. She offered us to bring her back to have her vet look at her and see if he could hear the murmur as well.


Robert Cook - Luna

Luna came into my life through a friend of my sister who just happened to breed Huskies, Katie Parker, who is now a great friend of mine as well.  She knew of the disabilities I had and that the only pet I really ever wanted was a Husky.  So she came to be my lifesaver in both aspects there and I cannot thank her enough for that, there is honestly nothing I can do to repay her for what she has done for me.

Luna is more than a pet or daughter to me, she has more than once in her 6 months of life saved my life already without having any previous training, and this was her main intent was a Service Dog.  Sure there have been ups and downs, but I could not imagine my life right now without this girl.  I have many other medical issues that she helps me with mentally and she always knows how to cheer me up.

I am extremely grateful that I was introduced to Katie, both as a breeder and as a lifelong friend!  Who knows when or if I would of ever been able to live my dream of getting a Husky in my life, especially after my medical issues arose in 2011.  So as a huge thank you, I helped Katie with this website and now maintain it as well.  Again, thank you Katie, don't know where I would be without you and Luna today!  Can't imagine my life without this beautiful girl next to my side!

Rietay - Aoba

I got my little bundle of joy from Katie at around 9 weeks old. He is a healthy, happy, sweet little boy. He learns so quick and you can tell Katie loves her dogs! She's always checking up on him and loves seeing pictures. It was such a pleasure meeting this lady and getting one of her wonderful puppies. He's been a great addition to my little growing pack! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good quality husky puppy.