Mullins Family - Kita & Hachi

Skudder's Siberian's are beautiful, well loved, and happy dogs that would make a wonderful addition to any family.  

Katie Parker is an excellent breeder who focuses great attention to detail with her dogs.  She know's each of her huskies at a personal, family level, and you can tell that she works very hard at establishing well matched partners for her litters.  She is truly knowledgeable of her dogs and the husky breed.  She has been a wonderful resource for our family as we are first time husky owners.  It is truly helpful to have breeder that is so willing to reach out to you to help answer questions or offer tips to help you along the way.

We recommend Skudder's Siberian Huskies to anyone looking for a truly beautiful, true to breed, husky to join their family.  She really takes time to understand and research her huskies and will help you find the right match for you.


Finding Skudder's Siberian Huskies this fall was a true blessing for our family.  Katie was absolutely wonderful at helping us find the perfect dream dog for our daughter.    We were actually so impressed by her dogs that my husband went home with a dog too!  

We are truly grateful for all of the help and support she has been at helping us pick out the right dogs for our family and for all she continues to do for us as a friendly and loving breeding looking out for her pups and her owners.